Weather of Youth

There’s nothing like snow to make an old dog act young.

It’s almost as if it rains from the fountain of youth.

If you have any doubts find an old boy for your proof.


An old black lab who tends to sleep all day

Finally finds energy to bounce and to play.

Tail raised, ears up, and bouncy, what more can I say?


The mutt who prefers to keep to a single warm spot

Finds that the snow is a perfect reprieve

So much so you might think your eyes have deceived.


The Dalmatian who took to filling up your couch

No longer wishes to be trapped where she’s been.

Open the door and watch her youth return again.


The husky who’s been content just to snore

Finds that life is now too much of a bore.

All you need to is to open that door!


With a new spring to their step, their joints not quite so stiff

It’s the best gift that you could hope to see

As your best friend plays nearly age-free.

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