A Canine Camping Trip

Taking a dog on a camping trip can cause a lot of fuss.
Out in nature you’re on their turf, no ifs, ands, or buts.
The sights and smells they will learn so well
In nearly no time at all.
Out of doors, your dog may find a whole lot to loudly discuss.

Even quiet dogs can find their voice
When a full night they spend out in nature.
Though there are some who feel ill at ease,
Most are more than pleased.
That’s why when you camp, your dog will rejoice.

They learn so fast what it means when the tent appears.
Then they know they are going to have some fun,
Whether on the road or at the site,
Dogs always find something to enjoy.
The thought of camping always overshadows any other fears.

But at night when the world is dark
And those bumps in the night sound more ominous,
Your dog can be a comfort or a pain.
One woof from your dog and sleep is done,
Until you hear the coo of a dove or tweet of a lark.

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