A Jaunt in the City

As time goes by, more places are accepting dogs as part of their clientele.
If you plan ahead, you can easily bring your four-legged companions on vacation,
Even when your plan is to make a major city your final destination.
Believe it or not, a dog can have as much fun in a city as in the forest.
There are plenty of things to smell and a wealth of new things to see,
And most cities have plenty of parks where you and your dog can roam free.
Take the time to find a dog park (but make sure your dog is current on shots)
To give you an activity that will make your dog’s head spin with joy.
It will help reduce how much you have to haul because at dog parks, you won’t need a toy.
If your dog is more reclusive and not likely to enjoy what a dog park has to offer,
You can plan to spend time strolling and looking at other things you can’t see at home.
One thing cities are good for is the intensely interesting historic information wherever you roam.
If there are things you want to do where you can’t take your dog,
Find a doggie day care or spa where your dog can get pampered while you play,
It’s perhaps the best way to make it so your dog doesn’t mind being left to stay.
Of course, the part that most dogs will love about a city is the free food on the ground.
No matter where you go, there’s food everywhere, pure bliss that it is all around.
At night your pup will go to bed with a very satisfied sound.

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