Down at the Beach

Taking a dog to the beach the first time is like rolling the dice.
The reaction you get depends on things you cannot predict.
The breed of the dog may be a huge clue to what your dog will think,
But there’s no guarantee that even the greatest water-loving breeds will dive in and not sink.
Some dogs will refuse to get in while others won’t need to think twice.

Dogs that’ve never been exposed to large bodies of water may be confused at first.
Once they realize what it is, you can expect one of three different reactions:
Joy and elation that means a burst of energy and full throttle running;
Nervous apprehension and tentative steps forward with caution and cunning;
Unabashed fear and loathing that means immediately moving away in reverse.

That initial reaction may change, but if it is one of the two extremes that probably won’t happen.
It is the dog that is unsure that will have an evolving reaction to being at the beach.
With any luck, it will be one of total elation and a mad dash to reach the water.
For so many dogs that’s the reaction, although occasionally you see the shallow water squatter.
You’ve seen them; they flop down, enjoying the water and biting at waves when they are overlapping.

You can see older dogs and puppies basking in the glory of the beach during long summer days.
A nice stroll of your own can make you feel better after a rough day just because of the dogs.
Whatever their reaction, it will take your mind off the things that bring you down.
It won’t take long until you find an unconscious smile, even if you’ve maintained a day-long frown.
Enjoying the beach can be so much easier with a dog, relaxing and smiling in the fading sun’s rays.

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