Getting Situated with Excitement Underfoot

There are so many great things about bringing a dog on vacation, like having a companion who listens
Or, at the very least, gives you a look like the listener is all ears for what you have to say.
But when it comes to finally getting situated and settled into your vacation location
Your canine can prove to be a highly energetic (and potentially entertaining) barrier to finishing up.
From keeping the dog contained in the area so that you are not disturbed by a chase to bring the dog back
To the unabashed exuberance that tends to keep them moving around under your feet,
Dogs make reaching your vacation spot memorable, so before leaving make some important decisions.
First things first, you have to think about what will happen upon your arrival?
How will you keep the dog within bounds once you arrive?
Or will you try to take enough breaks to tire the pooch out enough to sleep?
Do you have a crate that will contain your pup so that there is nothing to worry about?
Or is your dog trained well enough that a simple command and a leash will be more than enough?
Is your luggage easy enough that you can have your dog stay put in the car for a few extra minutes?
Or will someone manage the dogs while everyone else brings all the stuff inside?
Second, there’s the food, how much and do you dare spoil your dog with people food?
You will need at least enough to keep your canine’s digestion somewhat constant,
Which means packing enough food for each day that you will be away,
But will you only feed the dog his dog food and the rest from restaurants where you stop?
Will you keep your dog on the regular diet knowing you will stare into hurt eyes the whole time?
Or will you be adventurous enough to risk the stomach troubles that come with drastic dietary shifts?
Though your dog loves the trip, nothing quite makes that tail wag like the food that you give.
Finally, how much of the trip will revolve around what you can do with your dog?
Is your dog there to help you unwind or is your dog there as one of the family, activities and all?
Older dogs will happy enough with the first part because they can’t get out and do what once they did.
As long as you take them out a few times a day, they will likely be happy just to be there with you.
However, younger dogs will require as much attention and thought on how best to schedule.
They will have energy in spades, at least as much as a child, and with that they will go wild.
Make sure to plan according to what your dog can do so that everyone is happy with the activities each day.

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