Hitting the Road

There’s nothing like a dog or two to make road trips that much stranger.
Whether old or young, mellow or hyper, the canine sentiment on riding in cars is obvious,
Their wide eyes and grinning faces let you know that they are happy as can be
And opening the car door for them is the fastest way to see.
Dogs love to be taken on road trips, without a doubt
It’s one of the things that they love the most.
Even if road trips really aren’t your thing,
Taking a dog along helps take away most of the sting.
Having a pooch with you also forces you to take a few more breaks.
This may seem an inconvenience until you realize that you are on vacation.
You are meant to enjoy the time, from the start to the bitter-sweet end,
On your specific location, your vacation happiness should never depend.
The food tastes a bit better with a canine companion to show such exuberance
Because humans eat out of habit; while dogs usually eat for pleasure.
You appreciate the fact that the food takes very little time
And that in the end you have no dishes to clean with soap that smells like lime.
Every stop is an adventure, even if all you are doing is stopping for a light.
Your pup will take note and show immense curiosity.
It’s a reminder of a time when you were young and felt exactly the same.
There’s no reason to feel bored, and if you do, your dog will make you feel a bit of shame.
Take the time to notice all of the little things because they go by all too fast.
Before you know it you’ll be back to work wishing that the time hadn’t flown.
Follow your dog’s example and enjoy the entire trip as it occurs and
Let every little moment hit something so that within your emotions are constantly astir.

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