On the Lake

Smaller bodies of water may not have the same feel as the ocean
But for some dogs that is a perfectly acceptable notion.
The closeness of everything makes them feel more at ease,
Allowing you to do nearly everything you please.
If large bodies of water prove to be a bit too much
Perhaps a lake, pond, river, or other small body as such
Will give your dog the peace and a greater spirit of freedom
Turning a day outdoors into your dog’s own miniature kingdom.
This is when you find out if your best friend is able to get out in a boat,
Helping you scan the water, whether with a dry or wet coat,
It is all perfectly fine because you will all get wet by the end.
Knowing that going in you won’t have to from constantly shaking-fur defend.
Or you can try paddle boarding with your dog at the helm.
It makes for a very interesting time as you hope the motion doesn’t overwhelm.
If your dog decides to jump, it will throw off your game
But that a doggie’s nature, you really can’t lay any blame.
Then there’s swimming, which can be about the best.
Taking in the lake on your own steam with a dog is an interesting test.
Odds are good you will tire long before your dog is ready to quit.
So take a few moments to enjoy and on the side just to sit.
Your dog will be happy no matter what your choice,
As long as they are along for the trip, that’s pretty much their loudest voice.
Being with the pack is what life is all about
So having your dog at the lake will make interesting memories, no doubt.

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