Out for a Hike

Dogs know how to turn a hike into a completely different kind of adventure.
Their enthusiasm is contagious if for no other reason than because they’re so happy
But usually taking your canine out hiking means going somewhere new for you too.
This in itself can be excitement inducing, but sharing it with your pup just makes it better.
From the moment you arrive, you and your dog act so fully alive.
Pulling up to the place, your dog already knows exactly what to do.

There’s that moment of realization as the door is opens up
And your dog’s jumping out with a determination that’s unmatched.
Knowing that things are going to be interesting, your pup marks the trail.
Not that it will help you, but it makes the canine feel like you are off to the right start.
With a look of determination, your dog heads off in a direction,
Perhaps not the one you planned, but you go with it anyway because of that wagging tail.

Taking twists and turns, you take the paths that look best,
But your dog will likely make you stop to at least consider the rest.
Whatever direction you take, you will want to stay out on the trail for a while,
Perhaps hours will pass as you take as many twists and turns as you can find.
You may not be able to depend on your dog to get you back to the beginning,
But you can count on your pooch to make sure that you both have a great time.

Dogs can remind you that the whole point of an outing is to enjoy the time.
It’s not about distance or speed, or even necessarily escaping.
Hiking is about being outside and enjoying the ever-changing view,
Taking in the fresh air and getting exercise at the same time.
Making choices that change your path but that don’t cause lots of stress.
The trip and your dog remind you of what’s really important to do.

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