Returning to the Norm

One of the worst and yet most welcome parts of vacation
Comes at the bitter-sweet end.
As you return to your home and everything you’ve ignored for days
Or if you are lucky, you’ve been able to put off for weeks.
The time comes all too fast and it tends to be an unpleasant shock
As you try to return to the old routine.

This is the time when on your dog’s personality you should lean.
Dogs have no trouble adapting back to what they have known.
It’s ingrained in their systems, the familiar and the home.
That does not mean that they don’t love vacation,
Because you know they enjoyed it at least as much as you.
It means they appreciate when they know what comes next.

Of course they don’t have to work, something that may make you feel vexed,
But that’s ok because they have to spend your work time alone,
Moping around the house without their person for attention.
There are no treats or walks while you are gone for the day,
So don’t believe that the routine is entirely something that they love.
It is just that they are accepting of the hand that they are dealt.

As long as they have you through it all, normal is ok, that’s how your dog has felt.
There are worse things than seeing a vacation at an end.
Your pooch can help you through the shock to your system,
The return to early waking and the requirements of work life.
At least at the day’s end, your dog is there to welcome you home,
Happy to be there for you and very much glad no longer to be alone.

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