To the Hotel

Dogs and hotels make for a very interesting time, no matter what the location.
There’s so much that can surprise them in a hotel when on vacation.
The sliding doors can cause quite a shock when you first arrive.
Simply making it through in a single piece will make your dog feel so much more alive.
Then as you head to the front desk to check in for your stay,
Your canine companion is going to be so distracted it’s nearly impossible to obey.
From people coming up to give your sweet pooch a pat on the head
To the plants, sights, and smells, it’s a completely different kind of canine watershed.
It’s nearly too much to take in, potentially leaving your pup in a state of confusion,
For those of a nervous temperament, you have to make sure they feel a sense of inclusion.
Once you have the key and are heading to your place for the night,
It’s time for your dog to learn something new, although be prepared for it to be a fright.
Elevators aren’t something that occur naturally in nature, not at all.
The sliding door and shifting floor can scare your dog into thinking it’s a strange fall.
Just give your dog reassurance that everything will be alright,
Pleasant words uttered in a disarming voice will of the situation make light.
The look of joy at seeing the room is something to behold.
The shear elation is something that will never grow old.
Though the sound of the key may cause your pup to feel a little unsettled,
It is likely to be the last annoyance, the final thing that your dog will nettle.
The only real challenge after that is making sure the dog remains quiet in the room.
All in all, it can be quite the fun endeavor, from arrival to departure, like a vacation playroom.

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