Unwinding in the Evening

Having a canine companion nearly always helps take the edge off,
And that includes the stresses that are unique to going on vacation.
Though it is fun and a lot of entertainment can be had,
At day’s end, you need a chance to relax and unwind.
In this department, dogs excel with their stress relieving domestication.

They know that all of the day’s fun is over and done
As the dark sets in following the setting of the sun.
It’s something people take longer to realize,
Trying to pack too much into the time so they fail to relax.
A dog can remind you that this is itself quite dumb.

The point of a trip is to make memories and enjoy your free time,
But it’s also about relaxing, which you can’t do if you keep to a clock.
Take a couple evenings off to sit back and to really pay attention.
It’s one of the best ways to really appreciate each and every day,
Whether staying in and kicking back or taking your pup for a stroll on the boardwalk.

Dogs seem to understand how best to do vacation, a lesson we could learn.
They are excited and exuberant about everything that you try,
But they also see the value in lying down to take a break.
Their lack of understanding of time is a neat little trick,
One that can help the family to really enjoy and unify.

So when you take your dog on a vacation, whether alone or with others,
Start to take cues from how your pup reacts to the different points of the day.
That includes realizing that it is time to stop and take a nap.
There’s only so much you can do with the time that you’re given,
Make the most of it, finding time to ignore clocks as in a single place you stay.

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