10 Ways to Show This Dog Some Love

Need a list of “10 Ways to Show This Dog Some Love”? Here ya go!

  1. Throw me a bone now and then, will ya?
  2. Take me for a walk BEFORE hitting the snooze button.
  3. Consider paying a professional to give me my next pedicure.
  4. When the urge to dress me up strikes you, reconsider for a minute.
  5. If someone we don’t like passes by, thank me for scaring them – just once!
  6. Dig out those tasty treats I got for the holidays and toss me one for no reason.
  7. Ignore the fact that I got muddy paw prints all over your clean kitchen floor.
  8. Look away, if at all possible, while I do some “housekeeping” of my own.
  9. Let it be OK for me to take up the whole couch for just a little while.
  10. Quick: Stop what you’re doing and scratch behind my ears – ahhh!

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