A Muse by Any Other Name (Picasso)

Often times women and men serve as the best types of muses

But not all artists rely solely on their fellow mankind,

One of the most famous found delight and inspiration in a different source.

Picasso was inspired by his dog that was the size of a small horse.

Kabul was an Afghan hound, a beautiful and charming breed,

The kind you can imagine an artist having indeed.

Picasso’s dog was so delightful that he planted a permanent seed

In the mind of Picasso, images that were a constant feed.

The beauty of his Kabul can be seen in the work by his man,

In the long flowing hair of and fluffier appearance

The elongated noses Picasso gave many of his creations

He correlated to the constant mental image of his companion,.

Knowing this puts the artist’s works in an entirely new light.

Looking closely its easy to see the Afghan Hounds influence at first sight.

Knowing that they were so close is a different type of inspiration

Giving the pictures a new level of delight.

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