A Rough Rider and His Soft Spot (Theodore Roosevelt)

Theodore Roosevelt was a highly entertaining man.

He has earned a historic place in American history

For being the man who always had a plan.

Remembered as the man who rode up San Wan Hill,

The man who inspired the name Teddy Bear,

And the man who built the Panama Canal,

Theodore was not as rough as his memory has come to be.

When it came to dogs he and his family were quite enamored,

When you look at the number of dogs they had it is plain to see

That dogs were among their favorite creatures.

Five dogs of the Roosevelt’s have wiggled their way into our books

Five dogs who captured the hearts of their masters

And the imagination of our nation with their looks.

Sailor Boy was an amazing Chesapeake retriever.

Loyal and sweet this dog helped make the family complete.

Next was Jack the terrier, a loving deceiver,

With high energy and great disposition.

Next there was Skip, not a pure bred, but a mongrel.

Like most of its kind, this boy loved without condition.

The most infamous of the five was the bull terrier Pete.

When he was around you might find it difficult to sleep

Because he was a vicious boy, even among the elite.

His fascination for biting the legs of any visitor

Ended in his banishment to their home on Long Island.

Finally was Manchu, a dog who was no bore.

This pup was a gift to Theodore’s daughter Alice

From the last Chinese Empress

A dog that Alice adored with heartfelt bliss.

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