An Unlikely Assistant (Sigmund Freud)

For centuries dog’s have been man’s best friend

But for most of that time they were a silent partner.

There was one man who made an intriguing discovery

Someone whose ideas always different did tend.

The man who gave us a new type of science

Who became known for discussing things that were private

A man not afraid to discuss what was taboo

Also made a fantastic canine alliance.

Sigmund Freud quickly learned of a dog’s skill

To help out people who were feeling stressed

Having approached this age old problem from a new type of angle

And did not rely on medicating through a pill.

As Freud learned to help people analyze their thoughts

To realize their dreams and wants meant something more.

He used his pet chow to calm them when they felt bad

To help them better understand ideas by which they were haunted.

Even the dog’s name made patients feel quite at ease.

When a client felt stressed or overcome by their problem

Jo-Fi moved in and provided moral support.

Having a dog to pet was an easy way to please.

WIth Jo-Fi around people could be more open

Because Jo-Fi’s fur brought them a feeling of calm.

Today we now recognize that dogs provide a healthy release

For people to feel safe and loved once again.

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