The Dubious Details of Diamond (Sir Isaac Newton)

One thing that is not known for sure about Sir Isaac Newton

Was whether or not he had in his home a dog,

But there are several stories that claim that he did,

Which meant he would have an audience for every scientific monologue.

One thing upon which all of these stories agree

Is that if any dog he had

That dog’s name was Diamond.

Some of the stories were funny, some comically sad.

The most famous tale of the enigmatical Diamond

Tells of Newton being hard at work in his writing.

It was a paper covering 20 years of study and experiments

And many ideas against which Newton had been fighting.

Diamond was not only his favorite dog, but an adored treasure

So his dog tended to stay close even while Newton toiled.

It was rare that the two were not in the same room at home,

So much so that DIamond could be called quite spoiled.

One day Newton stood up and left his notes on the table.

He exited the room to stretch his legs and his back.

Diamond remained to ponder his work,

But he got too close to the candle and launched a retaliation attack.

The candle surrendered and quickly fell down,

But the candle won the war as the papers started to burn.

Shocked and surprised Diamond started to bark,

And shortly thereafter Sir Newton returned.

He ran to the 20 years now up in flames

And as he quenched the fire he finally exclaimed,

“Oh Diamond, Diamond, thou little knowest the mischief thou has done.”

Despite all of that Newton still gave Diamond his deepest affections.

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