The Prime Minister and His Loyal Companion (Winston Churchill)

Remembered for his rousing speechesh

Under times of unknown pain and great distress,

Forging through the darkest times and most parasitic leeches,

Uniting a country when things looked at their bleakest,

Sitting in a place of historic honor is the great Winston Churchill.

Churchill helped lead the people, though not alone.

His most trusted and loved advisor was named Rufus.

Unexpected as it might be, Rufus was not an English bulldog

Rather he was most unexpectedly a miniature poodle.

Churchill could take his steady companion any where at all

Helping his master to cope with the great and the small

Ills of a world that was uncertain

Like the beacon of hope Churchill was to his nation

Little Rufus was a pillar for his master, he to knew his station.

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