Traveling with His Son’s Best Friend (Ben Franklin)

One of the founders of the U.S., Ben Franklin did not have a dog of his ownh

But in some of his papers he would occasionally mention

The Newfoundland pup that belonged to his son.

Guests could be intrigued by the look and persona of the pup

Never quite forgetting how he would greet them,

One even wrote that the writer would never forget him.

Perhaps Ben Franklin was as much of a fan

Of his son’s dog who was so majestic and lively

A dog for the ages never to be forgotten.

What is sad about the tale of this magnificent dog

Is that his name is never given in the letters where referenced,

No matter the author, there are now no memories to jog.

It is one thing on which we can all now speculate

To dream of a name that we think is best fitting

And the dog’s existence entirely now recreate.

We have learned from one visitor who lived in France

That Madame De Boulainvillers had to return the Newfoundland later

After the dog had strayed when given the chance.

It seems that Ben Franklin took the dog abroad

So even if not his, the old founder had a great attachment

To the dog who left people feeling awed.

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