When Dogs Don’t Listen (E.B. White)

It does not matter what your occupation or tradition

A dog is unique, despite the breed’s typical disposition.

E.B. White found out just how true this was,

Perhaps it is why his characters had so little fuzz.

White’s dog was a little Dachshund named Fred,

A dog he could not train, perhaps that is why he chose a pig instead

To be the main character of his most famous book.

Fred would not listen to what was said or respond to a reproachful look.

Whether it was temper or not, Fred could not be trained

And this left White’s opinion of the breed rather stained.

He was said that it was more to his liking

To put his effort into something less striking

Than wasting so much time on such a difficult pup

He would rather see what was up

If he tried training zebras to perform a balancing act

By having them balance clubs upon their snots, it’s a fact.

He gave up trying to convince the dog to do as he was told.

Perhaps as a result the obedient pig helped to make so many

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