Bandit of the Heart

Dogs tend to hate anything that might steal their food

After all it is one of the things they love best.

So this oddball friendship really put love to the test.


One look at Oscar and you think he looks the part of a bandit

But it isn’t necessarily food that he’s after from his friend

It is a new playmate this raccoon seeks, that’s all he wants in the end.


Bear is a Beagal, the kind to chase an intruder,

But he sees no risk in letting Oscar roam the grounds

After all these two take turns prowling around.


It is by the pool where they show the most love.

Leaving you feeling so gooey inside,

As they stare come face to face as if a secret to hide.


Bear sits by the pool, getting his Beagal paws wet,

That is Oscar’s cue to come act like a vet.

With both his paws he forces Bear’s mouth open to inspect.


Bear doesn’t want to play that game today

He just wants to sit by the water and stay.

Oscar won’t have any such thing, what he wants is to play.


With the patience of the dog that he is,

Bear moves his head to the left, then the right

But Oscar won’t let go without a fight.


Who will give up? Who will rise to the top?

It really doesn’t matter because they will never stop.

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