One if the most bizarre tells is not in a home

It’s not on a reserve or any humane controlled zone.

This story is true, it was caught of film in the wild

Out in harsh nature where nothing is mild.


Two massive polar bears came near a camp

Huskies were tethered out front like a personalized stamp.

Fierce and brave the dogs very presence

Should have been one of the best types of serpents.


Still these dogs did not hinder two roving bears

Polar bears to be exact, the biggest and any sane person is scared.

The dogs didn’t sit idle instead they reacted

Like friends had come home, so much attention they attracted.


The bears went right up to the huskies, all male

And at first their owner thought the bears would assail.

Still when a plot comes calling you must keep at a distance

There no safe deterrent with a feeble human stance.


The polar bears did not do as expected

Rather playtime was now, that’s why the dogs they inspected.

The dogs and the bears rolled around having fun

But the biggest surprise was when playtime was done.


One of the bears wrapped massive arms around

One of the dogs without a sound.

Together they stood all nice and snug

In a grip best describes as a loving beat hug.

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