Fauning over a Friend

Kate and Pip are the very best friends,

Proving that love can always extend

Well beyond the expected in animal species

Showing how natural enemies don’t have to be

Watching them play is a real sight to see.

One is a dog, the other a deer

Living in harmony, playing together without fear.

Finding entertainment in their dissimilar friend

Running around and showing off

Proving to each other who is tough.


What really makes this show so much fun

Happens during the peak of the sun

The two come together and chase each other around

But neither has the advantage in this case

Not at this time or in this place.


Though one is a deer the dog’s a Great Dane

So as far as size they are exactly the same.

When one wants to prove who is boss

But putting a head on the neck of the other

The other responds as if to say don’t bother.


No one comes out on top, which leads to more romping

The dog dashing around and the deer stomping.

It is so funny to see them playing tag in the yard

And hide and seek like two children having the time of their lives

The kind of happiness for which we all should strive.

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