One Versus Many

One of the strangest competitions ever filmed

Is with a full tiger and two happy dogs.

The three were raised together in a home,

All from generations of tame animals that never far roams.

You know that at night the trio must sleep like logs.


Watching them romp out on the front porch

You can tell the three think they are all the same

And it’s true they are all part of the same pack

Which means they are free to play sibling attack!

(Although it seems the deck is rather unfairly stacked.)


The tiger she lies lazily on the ground

Rolling around barely making a sound.

The dogs wag their tails and get very excited

Jumping over her and grinning as together united

They can’t take her out, the attempt seems misguided.


Still they aren’t phased or even dissuaded,

Cause this is the best game ever, a real challenge to face

One that takes precedence over any dog race.

The game is predictable, always same time and same place,

And though they’ve never won, they come back to wrestle in the cat’s space.

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