Supervised Play

If you think it is odd for a cat and dog to be friends,

You won’t believe the tale of Kasi and Mtani

A twelve-week old puppy and a six-week cheetah cub

Spent the first year of life learning more than pretend.


That first year their handlers kept a close eye on them

As these two learned what was meant by playtime

Each acting their age and nipping for fun

And creating all kind of organized, youthful mayhem.


Of course in early days the dog had superior size

Often dominating the cub as they wrestled

And always on top whenever they nestled,

But the future was there in the cheetah’s eyes.


Then the two grew by huge leaps and bounds.

Out in the yard they would go play

Wrestling and racing all through the day,

How happy to hear their sweet happy sounds.


Finally the pair reached their adulthood.

No longer the dominant cutie around

The two appeared like odd sibling

Nearly identical size as together they stood.


But the real difference was when they took off to race,

The pup did quite well for a hound it is true,

But he couldn’t compete with the fastest land mammal,

He never had a chance to keep up with the cat’s pace.

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