Swimming with the Fishes

Ben is a dog who lives in a small Irish town.

It is clear that this boy is part lab

Not only because of his looks

Because of his uncanny ability to swim in the ocean for hours

And this is because of his very best friend.

Dougie the Dolphin is the friend on whom Ben always depends.

Any given day you’ll see Ben down by the peer

Keeping an eye out for Dougie.

Once Dougie gets close, Ben dashes down the stairs

Plunging into the water as if he’s no cares.

From there the two play, swimming as long as they please,

Which at first you might think is nothing extraordinary

Until you’ve seen just how long Ben will stay out.

Of course it is nothing to a dolphin to keep swimming,

But Ben won’t up and go home, not as long as Dougie is there.

A couple of times Ben wore himself out

Too far to sea he was floundering about.

That is when Dougie proved as a friend he’s the best

He did what dolphins do for each other when they’re having trouble.

Dougie pushes Ben to shore, making sure the dog is ok

Only then will Dougie leave for the rest of the day.

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