The Best Kind of Remembrance

Bella was lucky, she was not a pure breed

But she attracted attention of a very special friend.

Tarra is an elephant, not exactly what you would expect,

However, elephants are known for getting attached,

And this is one time when an elephant love did detect.

For a decade there was love that came out of that seed.


The pair were inseparable, always walking the grounds

Just hanging out and enjoying the day.

Like two adult friends who just wanting someone like minded

The pair moved together, ignoring others of their kind.

If you saw one the other was almost always near by

As beautiful together as the sun and the sky.


When Bella’s was injured, Tarra refused to leave.

Instead of roaming the acres of her large home,

Tarra planted herself just outside of Bella’s place

Waiting until she could again see the dog’s face.

There was no way to convincer her to leave her fine friend

Which was a sad harbinger of how she would grieve.


Sadly elephant’s have much longer lifespans than dogs

And in this case it was an animal that understood

Someone who loved her dog as much as we all should.

Bella’s death was a blow, a hard one to bear as every dog owner knows.

Tarra took it hard and grieved for weeks on end.

The other elephants came to the aid of their friend.


They shared their food and gave her attention

Showing her love and kindly affection.

The passing of her dog was something she had a hard time bearing

Like a hole in her heart that never quit tearing.

The outpour of love from her herd  has left no doubt,

Not only humans are capable of love and compassion.

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