The Chilli Chase

Last the lab was blind the poor fear

But that had not always been the case.

It had happened gradually over the years

Until her people realized a problem

The vet confirming their fears.

Before this started the family had gotten a new pet

One that was exotic and not of the usual type

A rodent who didn’t scare easily but one who shouldn’t get wet

A chinchilla who did not fear lady

A creature who did not care of the diagnosis of the vet.


The pair learned to play when Lady still had her sight.

Gentle as a lamb, she and the chinchilla learned how to play.

What no one expected was that the dog was not a fright.

The little guy, named Chilli, seemed to think Lady a perfect friend

And the two played together to everyone’s delight.


After they realized Lady the lab was blind

The family wasn’t sure how much they could play.

She couldn’t see and that was danger of a different kind,

She could accidently hurt Chilli because she couldn’t see where he was.

However, after one session it was ok they would find.


So the playing and romping continued anew,

Lady chasing Chilli one way down the hall,

And at the end Chilli knew just what to do.

He moved out of the way, and Lady learned when to stop

Then he chased her because Chilli was boss, now they knew.

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