Walking the Dog

Roscoe was a stray hound, left on his own

But there was someone who took a particular interest.

While riding an elephant in his strange home,

Suryia saw Roscoe and decided to adopt him,

Making sure he was never again left alone.


The difference between Suryia and most primates

The ones who are likely to adopt dogs.

No Suryia in not at all what you would expect,

He’s not a human who feels love for her Roscoe,

He’s an orangutan who fell in love at first sight.


Although he’s an orangutan he doesn’t seem to notice.

He loves to swim, something that you simply don’t see,

And he loves to do new things, not stay in a strict routine.

This is perhaps why he was glad to go for a ride on the elephant

Otherwise the friendship would never have been.


After on look Suryia ran to this stray dog

And they started to play, hugging and loving each other up.

The two played in the river like two long lost friends.

Once they went home Roscoe decided to follow

Not willing to see this cool friendship end.


Once at the reserve, Roscoe wiggles through the gate

Not taking the people’s pressure to leave and go home.

Instead he goes hunting to find the reason he’s there

Suryia is the goal, and in the end it pays off.

Suryia see Roscoe and gives the dog primate biscuits.


Now the two spend so much time playing together.

You can tell that they love to be in the presence of each other.

Suryia  often hugs his favorite dog, and they still go for swims,

And on the leash, Suryia likes to take his dog for a walk,

Choosing to roll as they go, Suryia loves being with him.

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