Who’s Your Best Friend?

Louise and Annie make a very odd pair

Usually these to into each other would tear.
But sometimes nature seeks a different way

Worming into our hearts, making a new place to stay.


Louise is a young owl, someday she’ll be large,

For now though she’s more like a fluff ball barge.

The markings that will one day make her distinct

Play no part in her actions, her behavior against owl instinct.


For one of Louise’s favorite creatures of all time

Is a bird dog named Annie, of animosity there’s no sign.

Annie lies still as Louise runs the usual inspection

Showing no signs of any other natural inclination.


Louise lifts Annie’s ears as she slowly does grooming

All the while their odd friendship is blooming.

Watching these two can give you a lot of hope

That you can take the right path when you reach a slippery slope.

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