My Best Friend Tillie

Oh, what a perfect day today is…

The sun is soaring high up through the clouds

The air is crisp,

The weather is warm,

The flowers are blooming,

The bees are buzzing,

Spring has finally arrived!


As I sit on my swing

And admire the beauty of the world that surrounds me,

I gaze over to the open fields

Watching my dog Tillie run around the Lilly’s 


“Oh Tillie there is no other dog on this planet as wonderful as you.”

So many things about you fill my heart with such joy.

Your loving eyes,

 Your playful personality,

The sound of your bark when you call out to me,

Your soft fuzzy fur,

Your paws wrapping my body when you try to give me a hug each afternoon when I come home from school


All these things fill my heart with such a special joy that no words could ever describe.

“I love you Tillie,”

You are not just a dog,

You are my best friend

Most of all I want you to know that you are the best dog in the world

In my eyes, there is no other dog that can compare to my Tillie

I will always love and cherish you forever

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