My Buddy Boot & Me

It was a sunny day in the month of June
We were in the car listening to our favorite tunes
The ocean wave brings us down to the Jersey shore
We hopped out of the car
I ran right to the warm sands
“Wait for us, cried mom!”
Surrounded by sandcastles that reaches the sky
Feeling the sand in my toes and within my suit
And all over my favorite dog, “Boot”
We plunged into the seas
As the tall waves crashed ever so soft against us
We are one
As we run through the waves
Excitedly, I run out from the ocean waters
As my favorite friend runs after me
My buddy Boot
Running as my doggie chases me in the sand
As our playful fiesta slowly comes to a sweet ending
I patted him on his head and gave him a big hug
I went over to mommy, so I could eat because my tummy was growling for a treat
I ate an ice cream cone
As Boot chewed on his bone
This has been the best day ever!
What a sweet memory to remember

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