Before There Was Rome

Cerberus was part of the roaming for Rome

Blocking the way of a hero without a home.

After Troy fell Aeneas was cut loose

A precarious position like walking around with a noose.

Unsure of the future, knowing not what to do

Aeneas sought knowledge through an odd avenue.

To the Underworld he went to speak to his dad,

Bemoaning the luck and misfortunes he’d had.

Beside him went the sly Cumaean Sybil, his aid,

To help the man pass Cerberus was the reason she stayed.

This was all she was prepared to do, no light undertaking

So much at risk, his own life perhaps forsaking.

So did the two journey down below

Aeneas to find in this dark time some hope, if only a glow.

As Cumaean Sybil expected, waiting down at the gate,

Cerberus stood his watch he would never abate.

The dog had no intention of letting the living inside

And for their transgression it was time that they died.

It was Cumaean Sybil who knew how to tame him

Like Orpheus she understood where his weakness did stem.

Little cakes lined with a strong sleeping draught

And Cerberus was out like a light, so easy Aeneas could laugh.

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