Cerberbus on the Streets

It would seem that the strangest appearance of Cerberus today

Does not come from books, games, or shows where your passive,

No it comes only when you are proactive.

Each year you can find an ordinary dog is transformed

From the sweet creature that sits like a lump on your couch

Gets up and becomes anything but a slouch.


For Cerberus can be seen in any dog at all

It matters now how big or how small

Once you realize the truth you will be in its thrall.


The only thing that it takes on your part

Is the ability to make two dog heads and a way to attach them

Then the head that your dog always has can act as the stem.


When the night comes when everyone get dressed up

You’ll have a special costume designed for your pup.

All over town you lead Cerberus, helping your scary factor to develop.


On Halloween night if you are really quite lucky,

You’ll get to see more Cerberus walking and wagging,

Such little three-headed dogs will always keep the spirits from sagging.

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