Depictions in Art

Not only has Cerberus made his way into our hearts,

But he has found new ways to make it into our arts


One of the oddest artists in history

Drew from The Inferno, and the dog looks like a weird kind of mystery.


William Blake took the dog Cerberus and turned painted some work

Scary in quite a different way, all three heads look a little berzerk.


They all display large gaping grins

Showing their teeth and their fuzzy chins.


Under one paw is a soul who sought to escape

Perhaps that is why all mouths are agape.


This strange take on Cerberus is Blake’s visual depiction

Of what he saw from Dante’s bleak description.


Though the words and the picture seem worlds apart,

That is because they are different types of art.


It also does show how much Cerberus can inspire

Anyone to imagine whatever they desire.

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