Devil and Dog Strike a Deal

Cerberus has found his way into every medium

Be it books, songs, or art he has made a unique impression

But as the world turns to escape and distraction

There is one medium that is seeing an increase in action.


Cerberus has found his way into a new lair

Barking and growling he emerged as a boss

Acting so cool facing a man known best for his flair.

Into video games this legend did cross.


A new type of Dante was now his to face

In a land where even a devil could cry

Cerberus learned to embrace

That there was always a master it identify.


Dante was just at the start of a career,

Hunting down demons to help better the world

Half demon himself Dante had so little to fear

And facing Cerberus Dante’s ego unfurled.


Mocking and laughing as the three-headed dog neared

Dante found that with the use of a sword and two guns

This enormous dog could easily be steered

Into a direction to help navigate a dark bastion.


For after defeat Cerberus decided to join

Turning himself into a weapon Dante could wield

The two headed out the day to purloin

And nothing on Earth could make them yield.

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