The Kids Who Met Cerberus

Probably the greatest makeover Cerberus has seen in the last 100 years

Comes from a story about a boy and his uncommon fears.

This is a story widely considered for kids of today

Which when you think of Cerberus’s origins, it’s a bizarre thing to say.

The dog is still meant to inspire and panic in a room that is stuffy

But to make him less scary he is renamed Fluffy.


When Harry Potter and his friends first began exploring

At their new school for witches and wizards

They expected to learn with eye of newt and a cat’s gizzard.

Perhaps the biggest shock was when they encountered a differs incarnation

Of the nod dog who knows no bounds or single dimension.

Those who didn’t listen this decision were soon to deplore

The idea of not obeying the head master Dumbledoor.


The kids go out for a late night duel with Malfoy

(Well no one is perfect not even this boy)

It is a trick, which they realize too late

A sad little attempt by Malfoy his desire for revenge to sate.

Too late our heroes realize the mistake that they’ve made

Too late they find that in their dorms they should have stayed.


In panic they flee from the room where the duel was to occur

Because their presence out late made the caretaker stir.

Filch loved most of all to see kids get in trouble

It was his voice that burst Harry’s duel dreaming bubble.

The kids tore up and down the halls at full speed.

Never before had they felt such gear no indeed.


Not until they reached the room that Dumbledoor had said was off limits

Then they found a desire to Filch to submit

Inside the locked room towered the recently sleeping dog

Now all three heads had quit sawing sleep logs.

With a shriek and a scream the children knew that they were through

For this kind of danger they knew not what to do.


By dumb luck and a return to their senses

They saw what their only hope of putting up defenses.

With determination they fled right back out the door

Leaving the dog to go back to his peaceful snore.

Later they faced him finally knowing music worked best

When trying to get past, it was really a simple test.

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