What Orpheus Sought

The first mortal to succeed at besting great Cerberus

Was gentle Orpheus, a man of beauty and of grace.

He did not fight, not with his looks, a sweet smile on his face,

The gentlest soul, perhaps one of the best among us


When his wife died on their wedding day, Orpheus left home

His mission was to go see Hades to ask for her back,

It did not matter that against him all the odds were stacked,

Nor did it matter how far the quest required that he roam.


When finally he reached the gates to her last resting place,

He saw giant Cerberus, guard who granted no access.

Kind Orpheus spoke not a word, for he had a wild guess

Of how of to pass through without having to live in disgrace.


Soon Orpheus began playing a sweet tune on his lyre.

Cerberus slept as Orpheus intended sleep to inspire.

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