With a Little Attention and Distraction

The fantastic translations of Greek into the modern world

Is something that is executed with talent extreme.

In the books detailing the adventures of one Percy Jackson

Cerberus acts as a short-lived distraction.


Jackson is living out so many stories from the past

Including this one with a very odd twist

Far be it for Percy to be outdone by heroes long gone

When he reaches the Underworld it is a brain he enlists.


Percy knew not how to defeat this dread dog,

So with the wisdom of someone who wants to survive

He turns to his companion to deal with this problem,

Because each step they take they are a little less alive.


It is Annabeth who knows how to treat a tame dog,

For while he is massive Cerberus is well trained,

It was through her commands that this brave girl soon acted.

Between her stern tone and nice rubber ball, Cerberus abstained.


Not only did the dog not attack,

When she threw the ball he bounded off after it.

Much to his disappointment, the ball couldn’t last

Not in the mighty mouths of such high spirits.


So it was a new way that the three got to pass through

Into the Underworld unharmed and in shock.

It was a method of besting Cerberus that had never been tried.

That’s a less to all to think differently when you hit a road block.

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