Within the Third Circle

The next time we find Cerberus prominent in a story

Is tied to a story that is really quite gory.

When he was in exile Dante found a way to return the favor

But in a very different political and literal flavor.

Those who he felt were horrid and dull

So found they had a new place their sins to now mull.

Those Dante believed to live in gluttonous longing

Found themselves now in Dante’s third circle belonging.

The main attraction for these sinful souls

Was Cerberus and he had similar goals

As he did in the time of the Greek,

No one was to pass, no escape shall a sinner seek.

The turbid water in which these sinners were immersed

Severed as the principal struggle of the third circle verse.

Overseeing it all, towering above every head

Was Cerberus and his presence spread dread.

His three heads guarded all shores, there was no escape

Unlike other stories, Cerberus was always awake.

With glaring red eyes and his massive size

There was no way anyone would make it away alive.

It was only with the help of his guide

That Dante got by without getting on Cerberus bad side.

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