D-O-G Is My CoPilot

D-O-G is my copilot. The dog is man’s best friend. We don’t pretend that it’s the cat. Or my buddy Matt. Dog you are all that. I don’t have any friends that would lick my plate clean and they get weird when I try and make their fur gleam. Shampooing you is my favorite brew. Your poo doesn’t even smell, my heart swells when your tail wags- Bag of awesome is what you are. The star of my household. You are like furry gold  – I want to grow old with you. Till death do us part, your farts are like flowers – you devour toys like a vegan eats soy- your such a good boy. See, My dog gets me, it’s such a pitty that my friends can’t astound like a hound. I can’t pet their butt- Every time I ask, they think I am a nut. Cut above the rest you are- You raise the bar on happy- You are like the jelly to my peanut butter. No stutter here on who makes me flutter. My BFF K9 is on the front  line of this cuddly warfare. Dog day afternoon. Sign me up.

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