DOGS Rule & Cats Drool

DOGS rule & Cats drool. You would be a fool to even think to disagree. Dogs are filled with glee and cats all they do is flee. Especially in time of need the cat is nowhere to be scene. Dogs will wag and spend all Day with you, all cat’s do is sleep because they just sniffed glue. It’s a fact there ain’t no famous cats. Take that serpentine feline. Every time we see a dog our heart strings are pulled. Sold on the hootch. Cute pooch From Pavlov’s to Lassie- Cat’s are just sassy- Pick you up when your sad? Scooby Doo, Cat’s do not. Old Yeller is our little fell’r – He eat’s our left over proscuitto- They name planets after Pluto- Take that cat in the hat, He’s called snoop dog, not snoop cat. Phat rhymes is the sign that dogs take the cake- Not fake, shake their tails when you come home, Garden Gnomes are better pets then the wussy pussy. Dog’s help you grow even toto blesses the rain down in Africa. Have no fear and let it be clear the best pet is set it’s the dog.

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