To DOG or Not To DOG

To DOG or NOT TO DOG, there is no question. Rubber balls and chewy toys are it’s obsession. An ideal companion a grand canyon of love. Lick face even my lover won’t do that. I want to get a tatt of my dog. Start a blog about how annoying cats are. How bizarre those furry felines who act like evil czars are. In a spar dogs would prevail. A hail storm of ferocious bite. Dog’s are like the Dark Knight that can fight off robbers and crime. It’s called a k-9 unit, not a feline unit. Waggy tail, is the wind for my sails. It’s called a seeing eye dog, not a seeing eye cat. I have seen the light dogs have might. They should dedicate an in flight magazine to them. They are like egg whites, good for your health. A wealth of love and affection in this pet election dog will win in fox news’ presidential projection. No objection for your souls protection with a dog there is never rejection. It’s so smooth, I can’t believe it’s not dog. Their is a dog on my foot and I want to touch it. The dog never got into a bag.. Red Flag – Curiosity never killed any dogs.. A light that sees through fog is my pup. A yule log of a pet. No misstep that my companion will always be my pooch.

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