Bringing Home Pup

When pup comes home you know you are in for a treat
Because now you will have someone who loves having you around
Someone who is happy to bounce up and down
Someone to make you feel like everything will be alright.
Pup will be excited, not likely to want to take a seat.

There’s welcoming her home so that she knows she’s to stay
A task that can take up at least one whole day.
You must both find your footing as she learns how to play.
It’s some of the funniest type of work you will ever do,
Making you want to get up without a moment’s delay.

As much fun as you may have when your pup just gets home,
There is no doubt that a new puppy is a lot of work,
And if you want the best kind of dog, you won’t be able to shirk.
In the end it is worth it because you get to mold how she acts
But as long as you show love, she’ll love because she’s not alone.

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