Developing Who Your Dog Will Be

Just like a person, dogs start learning from the time they are born.
Yes, all have predispositions that will help determine who they become
But the vast majority are molded and learn to act a certain way.
You should always pick a breed known for the situation that best fits.
For example, adopting a working dog and never taking the pup out
That’s just asking for trouble, no matter how well you teach.
But the basic personality is something on which you can build
Just like any relationship, it will be what you make of it.
If you are inconsistent, your dog will be too,
Constantly getting into things you don’t like.
If you teach a dog it’s ok to beg from the table,
Don’t be surprised when it becomes fair to take and run.
For the most part, dogs will act as they are taught,
So take the time to develop the actions you want with love and affection
With that, your dog’s personality will take the right direction.

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