Every Day Love

With puppies it’s easy to remember to make time
To cuddle and express affection, to pamper and practice overprotection,
Or to reprimand and show your displeasure, to withhold treats or a prized treasure.
With puppies, attention is about the only reason and rhyme.

You have to make sure as your dog learns the ropes
That you continue to show as much dedication and loving adoration
To reinforce the habits that are good and teach so transgressions are understood.
Because that is the aim of your growing pup’s needs, the pinnacle of hopes.

To always be on your mind and by your side.
This can be with an unexpected pat or a subconscious belly rub,
Nearly any affection short of sticking the puppy in the bathtub.
Dogs are perceptive, and to your attitude their eyes are open wide.

That’s why it’s important to remember to show your dog love
Not just when something was done right or when you are in the mood.
Over time and years this love and devotion is accrued
And that is why dogs make the best pets, they prefer to be by your side, not below or above.

It takes so little to let a dog know you care.
Sitting on the floor during a show, or peacefully petting him as you read a good book.
Every once in a while, stop and into your dog’s eyes give a look,
That is the best way to let them know that you will always care and share.

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