Learning the Leash

Most dogs learn quickly to love the times when the leash comes out.
They bounce, circle, and bark, anxious to get out and about.
But when you first teach the leash that is not a puppy’s reaction
Because being limited in movement, only goes so far before retraction,
It’s the worst thing to them, cause enough to attack the leash
While cute at first, eventually you have to say “sheesh.”

Some puppies think that it’s a punishment, not a joy,
Others believe (almost correctly) it’s a toy.
The one thing that’s nearly universal is how they react,
Whether nipping your hand as they play or have a panic attack.
The one thing that’s certain is you will need more time to prep
So know that five minutes to leash is fast, more time should be expected.

Once you get the leash on and the pup out the door,
That’s when the real work you find was in store.
They don’t understand that they are out to walk.
Some sniff incessantly, others constantly talk,
But most think that it’s time to pounce
And jump on everything, then leave with a bounce.

If real exercise is what you need, you’ll have to schedule that separate
Less than a mile an hour is probably about accurate
For the speed you can expect with your leashed pup.
And still you will do it again, it’s hard to give up.
For as frustrating as it can be, it has some of the highest entertainment value
And there’s nothing like a happy puppy and the future dog at a small preview.

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