Patience and Persistence

The key to training a puppy is to keep your temper.
This can be particularly difficult no matter what the subject.
Puppies have virtually no time span for attention
Which means everything’s a distraction.
Teaching “sit” feels impossible when everything is an attraction.

They don’t understand much about tone of voice
And louder just gets their attention for a moment or two.
Unlike your older dog, when you say “No” with passion
Your puppy will think it means you are ready to play
And the more you react, the more excited the pup, no matter what you say.

It can also be difficult to find the right incentive.
It requires that you be incredibly inventive.
Treats may work for a few times, if you are lucky,
Love and affection may have a better long-term reaction
But it also helps create a distraction.

That’s why patience is key to getting the job done,
You have to stay mellow and work with the lil’ fellow.
Work to the strengths, things that seem to come easy,
Then work your way into the things that take more time
Eventually your baby will learn how to toe the line.

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