Teaching about Toys

You already know your pup is going to make things a bit rough
Mistaking anything that moves or sits in reach
As being fair game
But you know toys aren’t the same
And that’s a tough lesson to teach.
You must distinguish between toys and other stuff.

To add to that task is something of great importance.
Whatever you teach is a toy
That lesson will stick
Through health and when sick.
Even your old dog still feel abject, unbridled joy.
That is a large part of a toy’s sortance.

It also means that your dog will think of objects similar in appearance
As being there for fun and games.
Play with a shoe
And pup will too.
No matter what you say, no matter your claims
With one moment’s weakness, you’ve fallen from logical adherence.

So remember, for consistency and to make things easy for you both,
Only play with things that you don’t mind being chewed,
Slobbered on, and torn.
With one act a toy is born,
When it’s play time only real toys include.
It’ll make life easier during each stage of growth.

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