The Fury of the Furry

Puppies are an endless bundle of energy
Constantly moving and chewing on everything in sight.
Trying to get a puppy to settle feels impossible, even at night.

It is actually a great thing when you get home from work.
Your sweet little puppy has all the energy you lack,
Making you feel so happy to be back.

When you have kids, you can set puppy on them.
Before you know it they will all be tired
Giving you time off after they’ve all been wired.

When you are feeling good, a puppy is there to play,
Joining in with you for all of the fun throughout the day
And when night falls, your baby is pleased next to you to stay.

When you feel down, the little dog can cheer you up,
Because everyday things are exciting from walking to waking up.
There’s nothing to put things in perspective like a pup.

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