Toilet Training

It is probably the least loved task of what you must teach
Because accidents happen, there’s no way around it.
The way you train will also help mold your dog,
So this chore is serious, and at first seems out of reach.

Puppies aren’t known for being able to focus that much.
They want to romp and have fun with everything that they see,
Attacking a bug, the cat, or your shoes is part of the fun.
Training can be tough to understand as he’s distracted by touch.

This is the time when crates are your friend
Because you can’t be home every second of each day.
Toilet training is one of the best reasons to crate at the start
Teaching dogs to do what is needed when out you them send.

As your boy shows you he’s learned not to go in the house
You can start letting him spend time alone out of the cage
Something he’ll understand is a reward for doing what’s right
And when he does wrong he’ll understand better when you grouse.

Remember to be patient because the way you train will stick with your boy
And you can use it as a springboard for other training tasks.
Gentle persistence is the best way for a pup to learn – not too much he asks.
Treats can work well, but affection is better. Take time to play, especially with a toy.

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